Rome: the eternal city of joy!


Rome, The Eternal City

Rome – the eternal city! Who would not dream of a city break to charming Rome? Rome is a seducing place regardless of the season and of the time of the day. Whether you decide to suddenly fly to Rome for a romantic break in the middle of the winter, indulging in its sophisticated restaurants while out for a romantic dinner in the candle light or you just go out there rambling on the picturesque streets of the historical city, having your flavored cappuccino in the playful morning light, the city will never disappoint you. Would this be the reason why we all call it eternal? Maybe. There are many reasons to hop in a plane at any time and go out there, roaming around the marvelous and always surprising Rome!

As the capital city of Italy and the fifth most populous city in the European Union, with around 5 million inhabitants settled in the city and throughout the borders of the wider metropolitan area, Rome is always busy, colorful and entertaining. Rome is eternal both in the livelihood it encompasses today within its borders and in its long standing history spanning on a period of time of over 2 millennia and a half, from its legendary foundation in 753 BC. Ever since its first days of existence, Rome was meant to be grand and glorious, Rome was meant to transform and reinvent itself, while still carrying through and through a more and more consistent cultural heritage, telling its fascinating story of glamor and success.


Rome, Main Monuments

Rome today is the third most visited city in the European Union (preceded only by London and Paris), welcoming yearly nearly 10 million tourists. No wonder so many run to Rome, as it stands out as one of the most culturally generous places to visit worldwide. There is the Vatican right in the heart of the city welcoming both Christian pilgrims and culture vultures alike, there are the archaeological remains of the victorious Ancient Rome that so many took inspiration from, there is the Villa Borghese, and the myriad of museums displaying some of humanity’s greatest creations, from antiquity until today. Moreover, there are the numerous affordable flights to Rome that can take anyone there in no time, regardless of the place you find yourself at in the world of the moment. Being so famous of a city, Rome has three airports: the Fiumicino airport and its most important, the older Ciampino and also the Roma-Urbe airport; in case you own your private jet, then the latter is the one for you, to land just a few kilometers from the city center just like a Roman emperor would do.

The infrastructure of Rome is remarkable, in the sense that it would fascinate whoever is to take a look at the map. The roads are disposed in a radial form. Rome is definitely a busy city, especially for the lucky inhabitants of this amazing place, since they might also have other worries while driving around in Rome than to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the place they are blessed with. Basically, Rome acquired its very special character in the more recent years to the particular street noise that came to be part of the identity of nowadays Rome: the inpatient and always accelerated roar of the motorbikes and scooters. Some prefer these means of getting by, since they can sneak in on every street or alley and park their vehicle absolutely everywhere. I can only imagine that they only replaced the sound of carts in Roman times, as no Roman will ever go by foot anywhere.  However, it would be a pity for any visitor not to go for long walks and get lost on the picturesque streets of Rome, stop by for an ice cream or for an espresso in the afternoon.


Rome, Romantic Night


Rome, Statuary

There are plenty of things to see and do in Rome when out for a walk. There are the Fontana di Trevi and the other cultural spots that are not to be missed, such as the piazzas (Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza San Pietro or even Piazza di Spania), the columns (such as Trajan’s Column), the bridges over the Tibre (such as the ancient Ponte SantÁngelo or the rather Renaissance style ones Ponte Cestio, Ponte Milvio, Ponte Nomentano or Ponte Emanuele II), to briefly mention just a few attractions. In addition to that, Rome is the perfect destination for more … contemporary activities that I am sure the ancient Rome’s patricians would have craved for if transposed into nowadays realities. Part of these activities are going out for dinner and going out shopping. Food is particularly good in Rome, and I am not referring only to the pizza. Carciofi alla romana, Gnocchi di semolino alla romana, Spaghetti alla carbonara or Saltimbocca alla romana – how does this sound to you? To me, they sound just as appetizing as the big brand names to be found on the Via dei Condotti in Rome: Bulgari, Fendi, Gucci, D&G, Prada, Versace or Armani and many more. Get ready for an adventure of eternal joy – which could only be Rome! Ciao! Ci vediamo a Roma!


Fontana di Trevi


Piazza Navona


Piazza Del Popolo


Trajan’s Column


bridge Ponte SantÁngelo


Ponte Milvio


Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II