It’s always nice to learn about the future. The fans of winter sports, skiing and snowboarding in particular, had the chance to get a glimpse of the future of their favorite sports only last month. During the 2013 London Ski & Snowboard Show top brands presented their latest products and gave the visitors an idea of how the future of their favorite winter sports can look like. Cardiovascular training machines that can help you become a better skier, the Skia Sweetspot Ski Trainer that helps skiers to learn how to find a better balance, new versions of cameras, touch-screen sports gloves (!) for various winter sports are some of the latest gadgets that were presented for the first time to the public.

Did I forget anything? Well, Monarch Airlines interviewed some of the top brands on the field so better check for yourselves if you’re interested to find out more about winter sports gadgets and trends. Learn more here.