Most memorable childhood moments caught on film

Childhood! We’ve all been there! And I am pretty sure that for most of us childhood stands as the time of our lives. Childhood is the promising beginning of a new life, full of joy and happiness. Maybe you don’t remember it by now, but there are always those proofs to remind you of the fact that it was precisely like that! So many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles of family friends tend to take plenty of photos of the children in their family, especially in their earliest years of life. You know, that very yearly age that ends, let’s say, around the time you turn five and you become a bit more conscious of the social norms. But up until that moment, everything is a bewildering kaleidoscopic sequence of  funny instances, situations and events – all caught by your parents and relatives either on film or on tape, one more quirkier than the other.

Let’s check on the quirkiest instances in which parents, close relatives and friends tend to immortalize on tape or film when it comes to the new-comers to life around them:

1.              At the table


credit: “theirhistory” on Flickr

Chocolate mousse, tomato sauce and all that whipped cream! Strawberry juice, carrot puree and cranberry pudding! Imagine all of those all around the place and especially all on top of the baby! The little ones tend to eat with their hands and spread food all around them. Grownups find this to be very funny, maybe just because they get nostalgic of those days when they could do it too (?). Thing is, it seems that babies and small children have a lot of fun doing it and probably most of the photos taken of babies and small children are while sitting at the table, ‘eating’… or simply playing it Jackson Pollock with their food. Take a look at your own photo album from when you were little and tell me: how many food photos can you count? Too many to count, I suppose …

2.              Swimming with the ducks


credit: “Tanya Dawn” on Flickr

Oh, boy! All that baby shampoo and bubble bath splashing around the whole bathroom! As much as the whole grownup population appreciates the benefits of having a modern Mira Showers model installed in their bathrooms in order to avoid the mess and leaks of water all around, they simply love it when babies make a mess. There are too many photos of babies making a mess in the bathroom while playing with their toys! Foam and water everywhere, plastic duckling thrown all over the place, as if the bathroom was a water park and grownups simply trying to catch it all on tape – especially if the baby likes it! Of course! Wish I could explain to those babies: enjoy it as it lasts! As you grow up, your mom won’t like it anymore and you will know what that means! Shouting at you from the living room not to make a mess in the bathroom while you are taking that shower … well, we’ve all been there – both babies and teens. Thing is, grownups can stand the mess in the bathroom only when it comes from a baby. The proof: the many photos that flood the photo albums – and nowadays the Facebook accounts.

3.              On the ‘throne’


credit: “Geekybiker” on Flickr

Let’s not leave the bathroom just yet! There is yet another instance caught on film that is simply mesmerizing and quite embarrassing when looking at the proof for the already grown up former baby that must have been caught in the deed while still little. What I am talking about is the photos parents tend to take of babies while they are peeing or engaging in their ‘bare necessities’. Why!? I simply wonder! However, the thing is that parents tend to do that – take photos of their little ones in the most embarrassing moments. I still don’t know what is so funny about that! Still, it does get documented quite often! Just take a look at your own album! You might find some proof of your own self patronizing the toilet! Enjoy!

4.              By the beach


Facing The Waves

What about those castles made of sand? Not the famous song, but the childhood memories that are kept evergreen due to those plentiful of photos that we all have from our childhood. All of that pride and happiness and satisfaction of the castle well-built, oh boy! What a joy! But isn’t there any of you who happens to have been caught in the photo just right when a wave was tearing down the feeble construction? Chances for it to happen might be at first considered to be rather slight; however, waves are many, and so are those dreadful chances of a miniature tsunami to wipe out the wonderful construction.  For sure, many of us remember not only the satisfaction of having our castles ready, but also the shock of seeing it all wiped out in an instant and the waves of tears rolling down the face. It must have been a terrible feeling back then, but it must surely make for a rather amusing memory as grown-ups, at least to a certain extent … after all, all of those castles made of sand wiped out by the big wave stood for just a very truthful lesson of life – isn’t it so?

5.              Trick or Treat!?


Halloween Costumes 1980

Guess what! Halloween is knocking at our door and now’s the moment to catch up with the fun! Just take a look at all of those wonderful photos, all just as many memories of the greatest period in one man’s life: childhood! There is no child not to have photos taken when dressed as zombie or as Count Dracula. And if you were one of those faint-hearted, then there surely must be proof of you running scared of all your childhood friends, all wearing their quirkiest Halloween gowns. In case you don’t find any, then maybe it’s not too late to get your costume now and get going! Halloween is just around the corner! And that’s for sure the time for childish fun! Enjoy!