Around the world in 80… showers!

Traveling all around the world is the dream of many of us. Ever since 1873, when Jules Verne published his renowned book Around the World in 80 Days, the world is set on this particular number: 80! Up until today, Verne’s influential book is still thought to be a cultural reference that inspires many and feeds the imagination of even more… Today, it might be easier to travel all around the globe in 80 days, though. The world has changed in a remarkable manner since 1873!

As a matter of fact everyone must have given a thought or two to traveling all around the world in 80 days, at least for a fleeting instant. Back in our childhood we must have surely fancied about it, especially when reading Verne’s novel. As grown-ups, we might fancy it still, especially during those stressful days at work or when at home while checking on the bills. Doesn’t it feels like running away!? Doesn’t it feel like taking a refreshing break sometimes? Doesn’t it feel that it’s just about time to go for the adventure of your lifetime all around the globe in 80 days? For sure it does, for many of us!  Still, truth is, not all of us have the chance to go for it. However, for those who have, the idea of traveling around the world in 80 days might seem not so original and authentic anymore.

But what about traveling all around the world in 80 showers!? If it might be too boring of a thought to travel the world in 80 days, then it is at least intriguing to travel the world in 80… showers! Quite recently, a traveler completed a fascinating voyage around the world his quest for showers. His aim and target was to witness, take notice and try out for himself as many showering experiences as possible.

Gary Knox, a blogger and a traveler who got stroke by luck was the one to be chosen among 600 candidates to travel on behalf of Mira Showers, a popular brand in the world of showers. Knox wondered around the world for months, updating everyone about his latest adventures through his social media accounts.

Knox visited India, Panama, Australia, New Zealand, America, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Hong Kong, among various other places. As for what he saw and experience… well, he took a bath with the lovely elephants of Kerala in wonderful India, for starters! He also visited Queenstown in New Zealand, where the world’s first commercial jumping site is located. He did jump, yes! from a height of 43 meters, as a matter of fact! He visited the pilgrimage of Kumbh Mela in what must have been an unforgettable experience, as Kumbh Mela is the place where millions of Hindus celebrate their very much alive beliefs and tradition every 12 years. Who can ever doubt that Gary Knox is a lucky man!? He even made it to Niagara Falls! He crossed the Panama Canal and, more or less, he did go on the traces of Jules Verne’s fascinating and adventurous characters…

To travel the world in 80 showers must have been an enriching, fun and educative trip. Gary Knox must have enjoyed it the most, but same goes for all those following his Facebook account for months, waiting to get a glimpse of his new adventures in so many different corners of the world.

Apart from being organized for entertaining or commercial purposes, the trip sponsored by the top shower brand Mira Showers along with travel agents WeHoliday and WeFly ,also stood for a humane chance and a remarkable opportunity to raise awareness on issues of poverty. Knox’s trip was also linked with WaterAid, a global charity organization aiming to improve access to drinkable or clean water in Third World countries. It is deeply sad to think about the daily reality of people who do not have access to drinking water. Knox witnessed this harsh reality that some of our fellow humans have to face daily in their lives. Raising funds for Water Aid continues even after Knox’s trip is over, as he kept us posted through his blog and brought a great deal of attention around the issue. We can now only hope that more and more people will get the help they need due to a noble cause that should definitely concern us all.

I hope that this effort will find inspire more and we’ll have the chance to see it happening again in the near future!