A dog’s car accident: don’t leave dogs in the car!

Don’t we simply love our best friends the dogs? Of course we do! Starting with the all-time favorite and classic Lassie to all the little puppies that can steal a smile even to the most cold blooded. But what do we actually know about our little fellows? Well, maybe not as much as we think we do. Since we love them that much and we empathize with them – as they empathize with us -, we might tend to treat our dogs as humans, forgetting that they are actually … dogs! Of course, there is nothing more touching like a dog’s soul, still … this soul inhabits a dog’s body, with its special needs and its special features.

Some of us tend to even feed our dogs a part of the food we buy or cook for ourselves. Don’t! Never! Spices are harmful for dogs and consequences can be devastating for a dog’s organism and you do not want to bare it on your consciousness forever. Us, humans, are responsible for the dog friends that we have in our care. Part of our responsibility is to also not engage our dog friends into activities that could be fatal for them, unfortunately. What we, humans, might perceive as harmless, might be deadly for our dog friends, which are not humans and do not function as such, not even as baby humans!

Did you know, for instance, that it could prove to be deadly to leave your dog in the car? A baby might practically or physically survive a swift ten minutes session of loneliness in a parked car, even in a summer’s day, leaving aside the treads and the distress – so do not dare to try that either! But a dog might die if left alone in a car for even a quarter of an hour.

There are so many of us who tend to go everywhere in the company of our dog pal. Some even have the hunchback of their car especially designed to the very dear passenger: the dog. However, it has been proven that cars are not dog’s best friends, especially during the hot season. Moreover, cars appear to be some of dogs worse enemies, even if leaving your dog unattended in the car even for a quarter.

This is why the Dogs Trust has launched the campaign  ‘hot dogs’ in order to raise awareness to irresponsible dog owners that leave their dogs inside their hot cars. The AA supports the Dogs Trust’s campaign. It goes without a saying; the AA car insurance can cover for anything but not for a dreadful loss… The company’s employees have saved 1000 dogs only last year; let’s hope that won’t stop to be the case from now on…

But what is actually the case? As cars do come designed with special devices for our dog palls… What happens is that a car can easily become a dog trap especially in a hot summer’s day. Cars tend to get overheated, as we all know. And dogs cannot bare as much heat as we humans can. It has been proven that a dog can suffer serious brain damage or even die of a heart attack because of the heat produced in a parked car in a hot summer’s day. The worst is that the irreversible and dreadful event can happen faster that we think: in about 15 minutes. That’s bad!

What to do if you see a trapped dog in a parked car? Well, first of all, do not cowardly leave the scene as nothing has happened and do not keep a blind eye to it! In case you know the owner, call him or her to inform about the catastrophe. If not, call the authorities, giving the exact pattern of the car, the registration number and all other required details. However, calling the authorities does not solve the actual problem – a dog dying in a hot parked car.

Therefore, if the situation is truly bad, do not wait for it to get worse. Find a witness and, since you supposedly already informed the authorities, try to break in the car and to get the dog out before its too late. Take the dog to a cool place, which has air conditioning and immediately call animal control, explaining about the symptoms.

But before authorities and animal control appear at the scene, you might also need to continue providing first help to the dog. What to do? Water helps. Provide the dog with water! Also, immerse the dog’s body in a tub of cold water (but not icy cold!) for a couple of minutes, if a tub is available. If not, wet towels places over the dog’s body will do. The dog will need to see a veterinary immediately, just like us, humans, would immediately need to urgently see a doctor if a car accident happen to us.

So, see the action of leaving your dog friend all alone in the parked car in a hot summer day just as a car accident and try to avoid it as much as possible! Who wants to lose a friend in a car accident and also be held responsible for it!? Bare than in mind and love your friend – just as much as your dog friend loves you! Bow-wow!