You should put Port Aventura on your list

Wallaby Abroad

What’s better than going to Disneyland?

Not being able to go to Disneyland, and instead, going to Port Aventura!!!!!


A group of friends and I went last weekend after getting some *free* tickets from a radio station (Flaixback) promotional event (surprise!).

However, our morning started a little disorganized. Our plan was for half of us to go by train and the other half to go with a friend of ours in their car. Turns out we had a pinch of over-sleepers, a dollop of busy train stations resulting in missed trains, and a sprinkle of poor navigation. The final result was still excellent cuisine, but it was like missing out on those few slices of pizza the dog licked. A big plus was the constant false alarm of rain kept the queues down… and in the end, it was still a marvelous day.

ImageIt was definitely the best theme…

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