New roller coaster is set to break 7 world records

The Informist News

Consider it the summer of the coaster. Theme parks from east to west are unveiling new roller coasters made of wood, steel and a combination thereof that soar through the air, plunge through water and perform gravity-defying stunts.

A look at some a few of the new ones.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio adds to its fat portfolio (16!) of coasters with GateKeeper, which makes its debut Saturday. The steel, wing roller coaster will suspend riders 170 feet above the Cedar Point Beach then send them hurtling through six inversions and stomach-dropping falls at close to 70 mph. GateKeeper, the new wing roller coaster at Cedar Point amusement park/resort in Sandusky, Ohio, breaks seven world records, boasting the longest track (4,164 feet), tallest drop (164 feet) and six inversions, the most of any wing coaster on the planet. It debuts May 11, 2013.

Also opening Saturday is Dollywood’s RiverRush

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